Baby Teeth Grinding: Understanding the Causes and Solutions (2024)

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Baby Teeth Grinding: Understanding the Causes and Solutions (2)

You may have noticed your baby grinding their teeth at some point as a parent.This may have caused you to become concerned and wonder what could be causing it.In this article, we will explore the topic of baby grinding teeth, its causes, prevention, and possible treatment.

What is teeth grinding in babies?

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is clenching or grinding one’s teeth.While it is a common habit for adults, it can also occur in babies and children.In babies, teeth grinding typically occurs during sleep, known as sleep bruxism.

Causes of baby teeth grinding

There are several possible causes of baby teeth grinding. These include:


Teething is a common cause of teeth grinding in babies. Babies may grind their teeth to relieve the discomfort when teeth are coming in.

Stress or anxiety

Stress and anxiety can also cause teeth grinding in babies.For example, if your baby is feeling anxious or stressed, they may grind their teeth as a way to cope.

Misaligned teeth

If your baby’s teeth are not properly aligned, they may grind their teeth as a way to adjust their bite and relieve discomfort.


Hyperactivity can also be a cause of teeth grinding in babies.If your baby is particularly active, they may grind their teeth as a way to release energy.

Prevention of baby teeth grinding

While baby teeth grinding is not always preventable, there are several things you can do to reduce the likelihood of it occurring:

Massage your baby’s gums

Massaging your baby’s gums can help to relieve discomfort caused by teething, reducing the likelihood of teeth grinding.

Create a calm sleep environment

Creating a calm sleep environment can help to reduce stress and anxiety in babies, reducing the likelihood of teeth grinding.

Ensure your baby is getting enough sleep

Ensuring your baby gets enough sleep can also help reduce stress and anxiety, reducing the likelihood of teeth grinding.

Consult with your pediatrician

Consult your pediatrician if you are concerned about your baby’s teeth grinding.They can help to identify the underlying cause and provide treatment recommendations.

Treatment for baby teeth grinding

Treatment for baby teeth grinding will depend on the underlying cause.Some possible treatments include:

Teething remedies

If teething is the cause of your baby’s teeth grinding, teething remedies such as teething toys or gels may be recommended.

Stress reduction

If stress or anxiety is the cause of your baby’s teeth grinding, stress reduction techniques such as baby massage or relaxation techniques may be recommended.

Dental treatment

If misaligned teeth cause your baby’s teeth grinding, dental treatment such as orthodontic treatment may be recommended.


In some cases, medication may be recommended to help reduce teeth grinding in babies. However, this is typically only recommended in severe cases.


While baby teeth grinding can be concerning for parents, it is typically not a cause for alarm.By taking steps to prevent teeth grinding and seeking treatment if necessary, you can help to ensure your baby’s dental health.


Is teeth grinding in babies harmful?

Teeth grinding in babies is typically not harmful, but it is important to address the underlying cause to prevent potential dental issues.

How can I tell if my baby is grinding their teeth?

You may notice your baby grinding their teeth during sleep or while they are awake.It may sound like a rhythmic clicking or grinding sound.

When should I be concerned about my baby’s teeth grinding?

If your baby’s teeth grinding is causing excessive wear on their teeth or if they are experiencing pain or discomfort, it is important to consult with your pediatrician.

Can teething cause other dental issues in babies?

Teething can cause discomfort and irritability in babies but is typically not associated with other dental issues.

What can I do to help my baby if they are grinding their teeth?

Massaging your baby’s gums, creating a calm sleep environment, and ensuring they are getting enough sleep can help to reduce teeth grinding.

If you are concerned, consult your pediatrician or call us today for additional recommendations.

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Baby Teeth Grinding: Understanding the Causes and Solutions (2024)
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