30 Super Healthy Smoothies & Protein Shakes | Health Wholeness (2024)

30 Super Healthy Smoothies & Protein Shakes | Health Wholeness (1)
30 Super Healthy Smoothies & Protein Shakes | Health Wholeness (2)

Smoothies are a great way to curb your appetite between meals, as well as get a lot of fantastic nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber into your system. They’ve come under fire for their calorie and sugar content, but here are plenty of healthy smoothie recipes you can make on your own so you have total control of what goes in, and what doesn’t.


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1. Lime and Coconut Green Smoothie – The lime doesn’t give this bright green smoothie it’s color, that’s thanks to the spinach. Add a banana to the mix and you’ve found a reliable way to drink your greens. The lime does a good job of giving it a citrus kick that will make your taste buds wonder if there really is spinach in there. The coconut milk gives this a dose of healthy fat, and what results is a smoothie that is sure to satisfy.

2. Pineapple Kiwi Mint Smoothie – If pineapple and kiwi weren’t enough of an interesting combination, they’ve also thrown in some mint for good measure. What you’re left with is a doubly sweet and minty drink sure to refresh you on a hot day. You get the vitamins and nutrients from both fruits, plus they’ve added some coconut milk to smooth out the flavor and add some healthy fat from the coconut. It contains saturated fat, but of a different type than a fatty cheeseburger.


3. Blueberry Pie Green Monster – This is a green smoothie that doesn’t look so green at first glance. But don’t be fooled because it has plenty of spinach in it to keep its title, and the blueberries added means that you’re combining two superfoods into one, so get ready for an antioxidant boost like no other. With flax seeds and Greek yogurt rounding it out, this is a tasty beverage that makes a great choice if you’re skipping dessert.

4. Blood Orange Smoothie – If you’ve been wanting to use blood oranges but didn’t know what to use them in, here’s a nice recipe. To give this a more dynamic flavor they’re using frozen peaches, which also helps make is to you don’t need to add ice to make it cold. The author gives you the option of adding vanilla yogurt, but to make it even healthier you could put in some Greek yogurt, but you’ll miss out on the vanilla flavoring.

5. Kiwi Spinach Smoothie – Green plus green definitely equals green. Here’s a smoothie that takes spinach and mixes it with kiwi so you’re getting the sweetness of the kiwi fruit with all of the healthiness of spinach. There’s also banana in there, helping to add fiber, potassium, and other nutrients. You simply can’t go wrong with this easy-to-make smoothie that covers all of the bases.

6. Tropical Smoothie with Persimmon – We had to include this one for the amazing orange color and consistency it has. Plus it’s not everyday you see a smoothie that uses persimmon in it. A banana gets lost in the mix, and we’d recommend their suggested power add-ons which include spinach and sprouts, boosting this into the stratosphere in regards to the amount of phytonutrients and antioxidants you’ll be taking in.

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7. New Year’s Detox Smoothie – They say this is to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions, but you can also resort to this anytime of the year. So how does it detox the body? It’s using spinach and blueberries, which are both individually known for their detoxifying effects. And don’t forget the ginger, which is packed with anti-inflammatory nutrients to help flush out the body. Some banana helps with the taste so you don’t feel like you’re detoxing.

8. Sweet Citrus Avocado Dreamboat – They say that you can use kale or spinach for this, so why not try kale. It’s super nutritious and flavorful, but seems to take a back burner to spinach. The avocado in this is going to give it some nice texture, but more importantly you’re going to get good fat from it to keep you full from the smoothie longer. It also lowers cholesterol and is good for the heart.

9. Health Nut Blueberry Smoothie – Blueberries, banana, and spinach, oh my! This is one smoothie you can wake up to, or have whenever you get the urge. It also contains almond milk, so you’re skipping the dairy but giving a nutritious foundation to your drink. This is one of the few smoothies we’ve seen that uses almond butter, so you’re getting a nice nutty flavor to round out the sweet, and you’re getting some good fat in there as well.

10. Orange Creamsicle Smoothie – If you’re craving an orange creamsicle you might be surprised at just how uncomplicated this recipe is. It’s also very natural, getting its orange flavor from, you guessed it, oranges. It pulls off the creamy aspect from yogurt, so you’re bypassing the added fat and calories of using actual cream. The end result is a taste bud-fooling concoction that should be on a stick.

11. Strawberry Apple and Banana Smoothie – There’s nothing like a recipe that puts all of its ingredients in its name. The only thing left to do is blend it up! They use frozen strawberries and bananas so you don’t even need to add ice. They say to use an organic apple, and you may as well go all out and get organic strawberries and bananas as well, to turn this into a fully organic and sweet treat that’s swarming with antioxidants.

12. Maya’s Morning Smoothie – Get up on the wrong side of the bed today? Fix it in a jiffy with this smoothie. This stars the orange, everyone’s favorite breakfast-related fruit. But it’s adding a carrot into the equation, and finishes things off with a banana. When these three foods combine you’re going to feel the boost, and have a fresh new look on the day ahead of you.

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13. Mixed Berry Smoothie – Fresh berries can be hard to pick out in the store because they come in packs making it hard to see if each berry is ripe or if you’re getting some bad ones. By getting a frozen pack of berries you’re still getting the antioxidant power they contain, and you’re assured that they’re all ripe and ready to be used. Banana, yogurt, and honey make this a smoothie you’re sure to return to again and again.

14. Healthy Blackberry-Ginger Smoothie – Blackberries give this smoothie it’s amazing color, plus heaps of antioxidants to battle the free radicals in your body. The ginger also provides a cleansing effect, and there is apple cider vinegar in it so you’ll be getting even more antioxidant and detoxing benefits. This is a flexible recipe, allowing you to omit the maple syrup if you’re watching your sugar intake.

15. Strawberry Banana Chia Smoothie – The chia seeds won’t grow into a Chia Pet inside you, and they’re actually great for balancing your blood sugar and getting omega-3 into your system without eating fish. You can swallow them whole and don’t have to worry about chewing them up. They almost look like larger strawberry seeds, so they’re great for presentation. There’s also ground flax seed, so this really is a super smoothie!

16. Mango and Coconut Smoothie – Mango and coconut are two items that make you think of tropical locations. When you put those tastes together you’re getting a tropical fusion with plenty of health benefits. The recipe has you adding Greek Yogurt so you’re getting some protein, and it has flax seeds so you’re getting a health dose of omega-3, all in one easy to make, easy to drink beverage of champions.

17. Creamy Paleo Chocolate Milkshake – For those on a Paleo-style diet, and even those that aren’t, here’s a smoothie that leaves out the sugar, but keeps the flavor. If you’ve been craving chocolate and didn’t know how to satisfy that craving without steering of course, this can set you straight. Stevia is added as a way to get your sweet on without using sugar. They even manage to sneak an avocado in there. Cinnamon spice should help rev up your metabolism.

18. Banana Orange Avocado Smoothie – Even though there isn’t a hint of green when you’re finished, avocado gets lost in blend-ation on this smoothie. They’ve covered as many health bases as you can in one glass. It has protein from the Greek yogurt, healthy fats from the avocado, a potassium blast from the banana, and a good boost of vitamin C from the orange. What more could you ask for?

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19. Egg Nog Protein Shake – This is something you can enjoy all year, not just when the holidays are upon us. It calls for tofu, which may get the non-vegetarians out there thinking that it’s going to taste all tofu-y. But with all of the other seasonings and ingredients the tofu acts to give it the nog form you expect, as well as the protein from the title. For you eggnog purists out there you can put in a little rum for taste.

20. Orange-Cinnamon Lassi – This recipe uses low-fat plain yogurt to keep it a healthy beverage that borrows its taste from India and Pakistan. What you end up with is a refreshing combination of fruit and spice that will perk up your taste buds, since you’re probably not used to this kind of taste from regular drinks. A bit of honey gives it a nice robust sweetness and you might find yourself mixing this up quite often.

21. Healthy Pumpkin Pie Smoothie – Here’s a recipe that has a fall feel to it, but could be enjoyed whenever you decide. The use of pumpkin puree means that you won’t have to go digging the guts out of a pumpkin just to make a smoothie. They’re also using Greek yogurt and pumpkin pie spice, so you simply can’t screw this one up. It’s going to taste great, like you’re drinking a pumpkin pie.

22. Piña Colada Green Monster Smoothie – If you like getting caught in the rain, but don’t want to catch a cold from it, here’s a green smoothie that will keep your immune system up and give you that pina colada flavor. Coconut milk adds texture and gives it the signature taste you’re expecting. You won’t notice that this has a day’s nearly a day’s worth of fruits and veggies in it.

23. Minty Melon Smoothie – Mints and melons? We had to look twice two when we first saw this. But that unique flavor combination works, and if you don’t like kale or spinach no worries, you won’t even taste it. You might think they use honeydew for the green flavor, but it’s actually cantaloupe, one of the foods that’s great for your metabolism, it’s orange color getting trumped by the greens.

24. “Fiber Boom!” Banana Breakfast Smoothie – Having trouble getting more fiber into your life? Problem solved! Here is a smoothie that will help you stay away from Fiber One products that artificially try to boost your fiber levels. They pull it off by using a good amount of bananas, and adding in a seed mixture for plenty of fiber without all of the unhappy eating of bland fiber-ful foods.

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25. “Eat Your Greens!” Smoothie – If you can’t eat ‘em, drink ‘em. That’s the motto here, as we all know that greens are good for us, but sometimes it can be a little much trying to eat them every day. The Greek yogurt is going to give you some protein in addition to all of the phytonutrients you’ll be consuming with the mixed greens in this.

26. Bikini-Ready Tropical Chia Smoothie – This smoothie has such a nice, light color to it, it’s perfect for sipping right on the beach. Pineapple, mango, and banana make an appearance, but the real draw is the chia seeds, which will give you antioxidants and omega-3s, which help with inflammation. They even provide a workout so that you can really be ready to show off your body at the beach. Healthy eating plus exercise is a sure way towards weight loss success.

27. Chocolate Covered Cherry Protein Smoothie – Sally uses this one to power her through her running, so if you’re looking for a good way to boost you through a workout, this could be it. The cherry flavoring comes from non-fat yogurt as well as real cherries, and she’s balancing it out with some bananas. The chocolate is sugar free, so you’re keeping the calories down.

28. Watermelon, Lime and Mint Slushie – It’s hard to make a smoothie with watermelon because it’s so watery, so they’ve deemed this a slushie instead. If you’ve never had watermelon and mint at the same time, it may sound strange, but it works. A cucumber is also used, so this is a very hydrating experience. You’ll get just a bit more benefit from the raspberries, but they’re only used for color.

29. Fruit and Spinach Smoothie – We like the way they serve this up, with the spinach on the bottom and the fruit on top. If you use a straw it’s like doing a spinach shot with a fruit chaser. If you opt out of the straw the spinach might sneak up on you at the end. No matter how you drink it this is packing a nutritional punch with plenty of fruits and veggies.

30. Celery Green Smoothie with Mango, Banana and Goji Berries – They call this a green smoothie but there’s not a hint of green left. The mango color overpowers the celery on this one. So you’re getting the dietary awesomeness from the celery, the taste sensation that is mango, potassium and fiber from the banana, as well as goji berries and all of their antioxidant value. A tasty and healthy treat!

These healthy smoothies represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthy drinks you can add to your diet. There are also post-workout smoothies, meal replacement smoothies, and more. Just remember that what most of these have in common is a healthy dose of spinach with enough fruit to make it taste good. Anytime you want to whip up a healthy treat, start with that foundation and you’re all set.

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30 Super Healthy Smoothies & Protein Shakes | Health Wholeness (2024)
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