25+ Pie Iron Recipes (Perfect Pudgie Pies) (2024)

25+ Pie Iron Recipes (Perfect Pudgy Pies) to make on your next camping trip. Get that campfire going and gather your family and guests around for some delicious pie iron recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

Cooking with a pie iron will become your favorite way to prepare your meals while camping.

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❤️ You'll Love These Pie Iron Recipes

A pie iron is a small cast iron or aluminum pan with a two-part hinge that folds over and has a long handle that you cook on a campfire. They come in different shapes and sizes- round, square, oblong, and double.

Also, called a pudgie pie they are used for toasting sandwiches, grilling meat, and cooking desserts. Perhaps you have never heard of a pie iron but maybe these will ring a bell... pudgie pies, hobo pies, tonka toaster, campfire pies, pudgy pies, fire pies, and the list goes on.🙂

Cooking with a pie iron is a great way to bond with your family and also a fun way to teach your kids a new way to cook.

And the best thing about pie iron cooking is you don't have to follow exact measurements and you can add or take out ingredients according to everyone's likes and dislikes.

Keep your cooking to a minimum and have fun trying these pie iron recipes that we have compiled for you.

Top Tips

Here are the best tips for making pudgy pies:

  • Get a quality brand pie iron. If it is too thin, your food will burn easily
  • Cast iron pie irons need to be seasoned
  • Preheat your pie iron but let it cool a bit so the bread doesn't burn
  • Turn frequently and check for burning
  • Start your campfire an hour before cooking. Place your pie iron on a bed of hot coals and minimal flames
  • Purchase one for each family member or get a double. Cooking will be done in no time and everyone will have fun making their own creation.

Tools and Supplies

❓ FAQs

What can you cook in a pie iron?

You can cook breakfast sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, pizza, dessert, and more! Put your imagination and taste buds to work.

Do you need to season pie irons?

If it is cast iron, you will need to season it. Without proper seasoning, it will rust and food will stick during use. Your new cast iron pie iron will arrive with a coating of a thin layer of paraffin wax to prevent rusting prior to seasoning. It will need to be seasoned prior to first use.

If you have an aluminum pie iron, you do not need to season.

How do you season campfire pie irons?

Here's how to season your campfire pie irons:

  1. Separate the pie iron and place it on a heated grill or fire for 10 minutes turning halfway through.
  2. Remove pie iron from the grill and let cool but while it is still warm, wash in warm soapy water scrubbing with a nylon brush to get the wax off.
  3. Put them back on the grill to dry, remove, and let it cool completely.
  4. Apply a good layer of vegetable shortening to all sides and put back in the grill bowl side up for 15 minutes, flipping them over halfway through.
  5. Remove, let cool and apply vegetable shortening again.
  6. You will repeat this process a total of four times. Each time you will notice the cast iron turning darker. Your pie iron is now seasoned and ready to make some tasty meals!

How do you clean a pie iron?

To clean your cast iron pie iron, soak in hot water and wipe with rag or nylon scrub brush. After rinsing, place back over fire to dry. You want to make sure the pie iron is dry before storing to prevent rust.

If you have an aluminum pie pan, you can use hot soapy water.

How do you use campfire pie irons?

It's easy! Butter your bread or use non-stick cooking spray if using bread dough or tortillas. Add your ingredients making sure not to overfill or it will squeeze out into the fire, fold over the edges or cut off excess dough, close the top, and place over warm coals.

Meal Ideas

Keep your meals simple, side dishes easy, and clean up minimal.

  • Breakfast- Serve fresh fruit
  • Sandwiches- Serve with chips and fruit
  • Dinner- Serve with a bagged salad, store-bought pasta salad, or grilled corn on the cob (Wrap the corn in aluminum foil and throw on the fire)
  • Dessert- Duh! Gotta have dessert! 🙂 Serve with ice cream or whipped cream!

Pie Iron Breakfast Recipes

Start your day with these delicious pie iron recipes. You'll love these and you can customize them however you want! Be prepared to wake early, your guests will be so excited about breakfast!

Pie Iron Sausage and Egg Hobo Pies

Delicious and easy pie iron breakfast sandwiches. Sausage, egg, and ooey gooey cheese melted together inside buttery crusty toasted bread slices! OH MY. Recipe: Pie Iron Sausage and Egg Hobo Pies

25+ Pie Iron Recipes (Perfect Pudgie Pies) (2)

Pizza Pudgy Pies

Who doesn't love pizza? Try these pizza pudgy pies and you'll be hooked! We are always looking for new pizza recipes. These are so easy to make and look so yummy. I can just taste that melted cheese now.

Campfire Pie Iron Pizza

Here's a delicious (and EASY) recipe for pie iron pizzas. This recipe uses refrigerated pie crust and can be totally customized with your family's favorite pizza filling. Recipe: Campfire Pie Iron Pizzas

25+ Pie Iron Recipes (Perfect Pudgie Pies) (3)

Pie Iron Sandwich Recipes

If grilled cheese is a favorite, then you will love these sandwich recipes!

Pie Iron Dinner Recipes

Start a new tradition with your family cooking with a pie iron on your camping adventures. These everyday favorite dinner recipes are sure to be a hit!

Pudgie Pie Tasty Tacos

These are so delicious and stuffed full of yummy taco meat, melted cheese, and whatever other filling you want to add. Make the taco meat before you leave and you'll have a SUPER SIMPLE dinner in no time! Kids LOVE making these! Recipe: Pudgie Pie Tasty Tacos (Pie Iron Recipe)

25+ Pie Iron Recipes (Perfect Pudgie Pies) (4)
25+ Pie Iron Recipes (Perfect Pudgie Pies) (5)

Pie Iron Dessert Recipes

Rekindle that fire after dinner and cook up some tasty pie iron desserts!

Pie Iron Cherry Pies

One of my absolute favorite desserts to make when we camp! These are easy and delicious. The frosting is a MUST. 🙂 Recipe: Cherry Mountain Pie Recipe (Pie Iron Cherry Pies)

25+ Pie Iron Recipes (Perfect Pudgie Pies) (6)

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25+ Pie Iron Recipes (Perfect Pudgie Pies) that are so fun and tasty to make! Perfect camping food or a FUN staycation idea! 🙂 From Pie iron recipes campfire desserts (cherry pie, apple pie, and), breakfast recipes like blueberry french toast, and campfire dinner ideas pudgie pie tacos, chicken pot pies - and so much more. #campingfood #pieironrecipe #pudgiepies #tonkatoaster #campfirepies #campfiredesserts #RVcooking #firepies

25+ Pie Iron Recipes (Perfect Pudgie Pies) (2024)


Do pie irons need to be seasoned? ›

If you buy your pie irons new, make sure that you season them well to create a nonstick surface and prevent rust. You can season them just like you would any cast iron pan: with repeated oiling and baking over an open campfire or grill. That way, none of your camp snacks will stick to the pans.

How do you cook with a pie iron? ›

Using a pie iron is super simple. For most recipes, you simply insert your desired ingredients, close and lock together the metal plates, and then cook the food until it's golden brown and crispy. There are very few exceptions to this, or a couple notes to mention about these recipes.

Do you preheat a pie iron? ›

Preheat the pie iron

Separate the pudgy pie iron into two halves and set each over a campfire or open-flame stove burner to preheat for a few minutes. If over a campfire, you want them over an area of strong warm coals, not extreme direct flame. If using a burner, keep it on medium-low heat.

What is a pudgie pie? ›

Pudgy pies–also known as mountain pies–are cooked in a pie iron, which is a cast-iron cooking tool that closes, clamshell style, over sandwiches and other stuffed bread.

Can you put parchment paper in a pie iron? ›

You'll want to start by cutting your parchment to be just smaller than the size if your pie iron. If the parchment is outside the pie iron, it will catch fire, and you definitely don't want that. You'll need two pieces of parchment for each cookie you want to make.

Can you use puff pastry in a pie iron? ›

Fruit Pies

This is my personal favorite thing to make in pie irons. I use puff pastry but you can also use bread or croissant dough. I simply add canned pie filling and that is it!

Are pie irons worth it? ›

One of the things I like about cast iron (which most pie irons are made of) is that it holds and distributes heat evenly, which is important when cooking over a campfire with uncontrollable heat. Food seldom burns, so even the novice can turn out a perfectly cooked meal every time.

How do you clean a pie iron after use? ›

Scrub surfaces with just water until all food remnants are gone. Heat over the fire until the cast iron surfaces are bone dry and the pie iron is reheated. Remove from the heat and spray all surfaces of the cast iron with spray cooking oil. An aluminum pie iron can be washed with soap and water.

Do you grease a cast iron pie pan? ›

Material / Heating: Typical cast iron

Every time I used it and cleaned it, I gave it a light coating of oil. While I didn't cook greasy foods in the pan, pie crusts have oil in them that will continue seasoning the pan as it's used.

Can you cook steak in a pie iron? ›

Place steak inside of pie iron, close. Place on coals and cook, flipping every six minutes or so. Remove when it reaches your preferred doneness.

What can I use instead of a pie iron? ›

In short, ditch the pie plate and use a cast iron skillet instead.

What is the best temperature to heat pies? ›

Experience has taught us that a good pie-in-the mouth temperature is around 62-65°C – just above the health regulation requirements of 60°C. Expertise has also taught us that a pie heated above 70°C will gradually lose moisture, and at 80°C it will lose a lot more moisture. And nobody wants a dry pie.

What is another name for a pie iron? ›

A pie iron—also called pudgy pie iron, sandwich toaster, snackwicher, toastie maker—is a cooking appliance that consists of two hinged concave, round or square, cast iron or aluminium plates on long handles. Its "clamshell" design resembles that of a waffle iron, but without that appliance's honeycomb pattern.

What is Dolly Parton pie? ›

Dolly Parton Pie is the world-famous singer's favorite, a walnut pie with a rich, sweet filling you can enjoy whenever you get the Mule Skinner Blues! Buttery, crunchy, and melodic, Dolly Parton Pie is just what you need most when it's time to tuck into dessert.

Why is it called shoofly pie? ›

According to historian William Woys Weaver, the molasses had been named after an iconic circus animal (Shoofly the Boxing Mule), who had been named after a popular song written during the Civil War (“Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me”). The hearty pie-cake fusion remains popular in Pennsylvania's Amish country.

Does cast iron need to be seasoned before use? ›

Most cast iron skillets these days come pre-seasoned, meaning they're ready for cooking on as soon as you take them out of the box. However, over time, the seasoning erodes, and you'll need to re-apply it by brushing the skillet with a thin layer of neutral oil and heating it until the oil bonds to the metal.

Do you need to grease a pie maker? ›

Grease your pie maker

It's essential to place a light coating of oil or butter on the bottom and the top of the pie holes. This helps you create a crispy pie similar to those you buy from the bakery.

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