10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (2024)

Ah, the dual-sport motorcycle—a match made in heaven for those who crave the versatility to traverse both dirt and pavement. In 2023, these adaptable machines are gaining traction as an increasingly popular mode of transportation and recreation. Among the myriad of options, the Suzuki DR650 has earned its place as a reliable choice in the world of adventure bikes.

Designed for seamless transitions between paved and unpaved surfaces, dual-sport motorcycles come equipped with features such as knobby tires, advanced suspension systems, and powerful lights, making them ideal for off-road excursions. Available in a range of sizes and styles, there's a dual-purpose bike out there for every rider who seeks the thrill of exploration on and off the beaten path.

How Well Do Dual Sport Motorcycles Perform on the Road?

Dual sport bikes perform exceptionally well on the road, combining the best of both worlds for riders. Equipped with powerful engines, responsive suspension, and precise handling, these motorcycles offer an exhilarating on-road experience. Their sporty yet comfortable design ensures reduced fatigue during long rides, while advanced technology features keep riders connected and informed. With their impressive on-road performance, dual sport bikes are a top choice for those seeking versatility and adventure in their two-wheeled journey.

And now, as we dive into the top 10 dual sport motorcycles for 2023, get ready to discover the perfect companions for your thrilling on-road adventures!

#10. Honda XR650L

10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (1)

Base MSRP starts at $6,999

Honda's XR650L stands out as a reliable and versatile dual-sport motorcycle. With its powerful 644cc air-cooled engine, it excels both on and off-road, delivering impressive performance and fuel efficiency. Designed with long-travel suspension and obstacle-taming 21-inch front wheel, it's ready for any adventure - from rugged trails to city streets. Embrace the thrill of dual-sport riding with the 2023 Honda XR650L as your adventure companion.

Performance meets convenience with its low-maintenance four-stroke engine and responsive disc brakes. Fully equipped for the street, it also offers passenger-ready features for shared adventures. The XR650L's practical design includes a sealed battery and dry-sump lubrication, ensuring durability and superior ground clearance. Get ready to conquer the unknown with the XR650L's 18-inch rear and 21-inch front wheels, delivering a seamless ride across diverse terrains.


10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (2)

Base MSRP starts at $4,499

The Suzuki DR200S is a compact and budget-friendly dual-sport bike that's packed with joy and frugality, offering an estimated 88 miles per gallon. With its resemblance to the larger DR-Z line, the DR200S boasts a smaller, lighter frame that appeals to riders seeking adventure without breaking the bank.

Equipped with a responsive 199cc air-cooled engine, the DR200S delivers a delightful riding experience without overwhelming costs. Its sturdy steel frame and 8.1 inches of travel ensure a comfortable journey on various terrains. Suzuki backs this reliable bike with a 12-month limited warranty, adding peace of mind to your exploration.

Whether you're cruising the streets or venturing off-road, the Suzuki DR200S is the perfect companion for beginners or young riders looking to grow alongside a versatile machine. Embrace the smiles and endless possibilities this dual-purpose motorcycle offers.

#8. Suzuki DR-Z400S

10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (3)

Base MSRP starts at $7,099

As you might have guessed, the DR-Z400S is darn similar to the other iteration of Suzuki’s DR-Z on this list, the 400SM. The differences between the two machines are actually more significant than the name might imply. Where the SM is a supermoto with street tires, an inverted front fork, wider wheels, and a focus on the street, the 400S is the opposite, giving deference to trail riding prowess.

The SM is based on the S, so the two motorcycles share many of the same parts like the 398cc four-stroke single-cylinder powerplant. The S forgoes street-focused elements in favor of knobbier tires, long travel suspension, and other off-road goodies.

The 2023 DR-Z400S is the latest version of the motorcycle that is the foundation of the modern Dual Sport movement. Starting with the DR350S and then again with the DR-Z400S, Suzuki makes fun, dependable, and capable motorcycles available to anyone who is ready to take a ride down their favorite off-road trail or ribbon of asphalt.

#7. YAMAHA XT250

10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (4)

Base MSRP starts at $5,199

The 2023 Yamaha XT250 offers the best of both worlds - a throwback to old-school style coupled with the capabilities of a modern dual-sport bike. This versatile motorcycle is equally at home tearing up off-road trails as it is cruising smoothly on the road. Standout features include a remarkably low seat height of 31.9 inches and a towering gas tank, giving it a distinctive trial motorcycle appearance. With an impressive ground clearance of 11.2 inches, the XT250 is ready to conquer any terrain with ease.

At the heart of this machine lies a powerful 249cc fuel-injected single-cylinder engine, mated to a smooth five-speed transmission. Nimble and easy to ride, the XT250 exudes character while packing advanced technology under its sleek design.

Discover the perfect blend of classic style and modern performance with the Yamaha XT250. Embrace the spirit of adventure and hit the road with confidence, as this remarkable motorcycle offers the best of both worlds for riders seeking a remarkable dual-sport experience.


10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (5)

Base MSRP starts at $6,699

The Kawasaki KLR 650 makes a bold statement with its tall enduro bike appearance, showcasing the perfect fusion of classic dual-purpose and rugged adventure design - all finished in jet black for a striking presence that demands attention.

Unraveling a world of possibilities, the KLR 650 boasts a range of unique features that set it apart from the rest. With ample suspension travel, a robust 651cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, and an astonishingly large 6.1-gallon fuel tank, this beast is equipped to conquer the longest journeys with ease. Complementing its touring potential, the windscreen is thoughtfully designed for comfortable long rides, while ample space for a pillion and cargo ensures you're always ready for unforgettable adventures.

Masterfully equipped with front and rear disc brakes, the KLR 650 ensures precise control and smooth braking performance. Power is seamlessly delivered through a five-speed transmission, providing an exhilarating yet controlled riding experience. While excelling on the street with its striking aesthetics, rider comforts, and impressive fuel capacity, the KLR 650 is no stranger to off-road prowess, showcasing its versatility across different terrains.


10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (6)

Base MSRP starts at $6,699

At first glance, the Yamaha WR250R may seem like a dirt bike, showcasing Yamaha's expertise in off-road machines. However, this dual-sport motorcycle is much more than that, offering a perfect balance between thrilling trail adventures and exhilarating street rides. Powered by a high-performance 250cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke, fuel-injected engine with titanium intake valves, the WR250R packs a punch. Its six-speed transmission ensures smooth gear shifts, while fully adjustable suspension and responsive disc brakes on all wheels provide excellent control and handling in any terrain.

Yamaha's engineering excellence shines through every aspect of the WR250R, guaranteeing reliability and superior performance. Beyond its technical prowess, the bike exudes style with its eye-catching spoked wheels, inverted front fork, and classic Yamaha blue paint. With a maximum power of 30 HP and a top speed of 83 mph, the WR250R is ready to take you on unforgettable journeys, offering an impressive mileage of 71 mpg.

Embrace the thrill of the unknown, conquer challenging trails, and dominate the streets with the versatile Yamaha WR250R - a true masterpiece for adventure enthusiasts and dual-sport aficionados alike.

#4. YAMAHA TW200

10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (7)

Base MSRP starts at $4,899

The funky TW200 from Yamaha looks like it fell right out of the late 1980s with that tan and brown paint job and blocky styling. This has to be one of the most unique-looking dual-purpose bikes on the road for sure. That’s not to say this diminutive dual-sport is simply all looks. Rather, it’s a proven machine that tears it up and has been doing so since its launch way back in 1987.

There’s a 196cc single-cylinder under that throwback bodywork that’s counterbalanced and smooth as butter. Those sweet, fat tires aren’t just for looks – they provide great traction both on the road and off. The TW200’s suspension setup features 6.3-inches of travel up front and 5.9-inches out back giving you tons of options when deciding what trails to shred.

In short, the TW200 looks like a blast from the past (partly because it is), but is also a capable machine that’s long on both personality and performance.


10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (8)

Base MSRP starts at $6,999

The 2023 Suzuki DR650S takes versatility to the next level, with a bigger motor and rugged tires for serious off-road prowess, combined with excellent street performance. Its high-quality suspensions offer multiple adjustments and an impressive 10.2-inch of wheel travel, ready to handle any terrain. This reliable dual-purpose motorcycle features a 644cc oil-cooled, four-stroke single engine held in a sturdy steel frame, ensuring exceptional performance on both pavement and trails.

Available with Solid Black, Solid Gray, or Solid Special White bodywork, adorned with eye-catching graphics, the DR650S looks striking on any surface. The convenient push-button electric starting fires up the torque-rich engine, while the smooth-shifting transmission makes riding easy and enjoyable.

Whether cruising around town, hitting the highway, or exploring your favorite trail, the 2023 Suzuki DR650S is your adventurous companion. Plus, you can customize the seat height with the optional Short Side Stand Kit from Suzuki Genuine Accessories, making it accessible to a variety of riders.


10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (9)

Base MSRP starts at $7,099

Experience the thrill of Suzuki's 2023 SuperMoto DR-Z400SM, a remarkable dual-purpose bike that perfectly blends Supermotard style and features with street-legal capabilities. Based on the proven DR-Z400S, this narrow and lightweight machine brings off-road spirit and excitement to paved roads. Whether you're cruising down twisty forest roads, maneuvering through tight canyon corners, or navigating busy commuter traffic, the DR-Z400SM is your ultimate companion.

Under the sleek body, you'll find a powerful 398cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine that delivers robust low-rpm torque and crisp throttle response for all your riding adventures. Notable enhancements over the DR-Z400S include the inverted front fork, wide spoke-style wheels, and a 300mm diameter floating front brake rotor. The inverted fork reduces unsprung weight, leading to improved handling, while the large brake and wider rims with high-grip tires deliver an exhilarating sportbike experience.


10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (10)

Base MSRP starts at $8,199

Unleash the exhilarating #1 on our list, the Honda CRF250L! It's the epitome of a dual-purpose/dual-sport motorcycle, offering unparalleled versatility. The peppy fuel-injected 249cc engine with double overhead cams delivers ample power for any rider.

One standout feature is the selective ABS system, allowing you to choose when ABS is active on the rear wheel. The CRF250L's rally-bike looks and solid suspension with generous travel ensure an unforgettable riding experience. Honda's legendary reliability guarantees countless memorable rides.

Experience the power of the advanced fuel injection system, bridged-box piston, and high-performance cam profiles. The Pro-Link rear suspension and agile single exhaust routing add to the thrill. Embrace confidence-inspiring braking with the large 260mm front brake disc. Take on new horizons with the 2023 Honda CRF250L. Let the journey begin!

Wrapping up

In this post, we've spotlighted the ultimate dual-sport motorcycles that embody a perfect fusion of versatility, affordability, and user-friendliness. These remarkable machines boast a lightweight design and agile handling, making them equally at home on both smooth pavements and rugged terrains. Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking new adventures or a newcomer eager to embark on thrilling journeys, these dual-purpose bikes are the ideal companions. The budget-friendly nature of these motorcycles further solidifies their status as the most practical and accessible options in the market.

If you're ready to explore the boundless opportunities that dual sport riding offers, check out our extensive INVENTORY.

10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (2024)
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